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Cdev Install Reference

Download from release

Each stable version of cdev has a binary that can be downloaded and installed manually. The documentation is suitable for v0.4.0 or higher of client.

Installation example for Linux amd64:

  1. Download your desired version from the releases page.

  2. Unpack it.

  3. Find the cdev binary in the unpacked directory.

  4. Move the cdev binary to bin folder (/usr/local/bin/).

Building from source

Go version 16 or higher is required, see Golang installation instructions.

To build client from source:

  1. Clone Git repo:

    git clone
  2. Build the binary:

    cd && make
  3. Check cdev and move the binary to bin folder:

    ./bin/cdev --help
    mv ./bin/cdev /usr/local/bin/