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Installation and Upgrade


To start using please make sure that you comply with the following preconditions.

Supported operating systems:

  • Linux amd64

  • Darwin amd64

Required software installed:

  • Git console client

  • Terraform


The client uses the Terraform binary. The required Terraform version is 1.4 or higher. Refer to the Terraform installation instructions to install Terraform.

Install From Script


This is the easiest way to have the client installed. For other options see the Install From Sources section. has an installer script that takes the latest version of client and installs it for you locally.

Fetch the script and execute it locally with the command:

curl -fsSL | sh

Install From Sources

Download from release

Each stable version of has a binary that can be downloaded and installed manually. The documentation is suitable for v0.4.0 or higher of the client.

Installation example for Linux amd64:

  1. Download your desired version from the releases page.

  2. Unpack it.

  3. Find the binary in the unpacked directory.

  4. Move the binary to the bin folder (/usr/local/bin/).

Building from source

Go version 16 or higher is required - see Golang installation instructions.

To build the client from source:

  1. Clone the Git repo:

    git clone
  2. Build the binary:

    cd && make
  3. Check and move the binary to the bin folder:

    ./bin/cdev --help
    mv ./bin/cdev /usr/local/bin/