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Tfmodule Unit ΒΆ

Describes direct invocation of Terraform modules.


  - name: vpc
    type: tfmodule
    version: "2.77.0"
    source: terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws
      name: {{ .name }}
      azs: {{ insertYAML .variables.azs }}
      vpc_id: {{ .variables.vpc_id }}

In addition to common options the following are available:

  • force_apply - bool, optional. By default is false. If set to true, the unit will be applied when any dependent unit is planned to be changed.

  • source - string, required. Terraform module source. It is not allowed to use local folders in source!

  • version - string, optional. Module version.

  • inputs - map of any, required. A map that corresponds to input variables defined by the module. This block allows to use functions remoteState and insertYAML.