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Kubernetes Unit ΒΆ

Describes Terraform kubernetes-alpha provider invocation.


  - name: argocd_apps
    type: kubernetes
    provider_version: "0.2.1"
    source: ./argocd-apps/app1.yaml
    kubeconfig: ../kubeconfig
    depends_on: this.argocd
  • source - string, required. Path to Kubernetes manifest that will be converted into a representation of kubernetes-alpha provider. Source file will be rendered with the stack template, and also allows to use functions remoteState and insertYAML.

  • kubeconfig - string, required. Path to the kubeconfig file, which is relative to the directory where the unit was executed.

  • provider_version - string, optional. Version of terraform kubernetes-alpha provider to use. Default - latest. See terraform kubernetes-alpha provider