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Use Different Terraform Versions ΒΆ

By default runs that version of Terraform which is installed on a local machine. If you need to switch between versions, use some third-party utilities, such as Terraform Switcher.

Example of tfswitch usage:

tfswitch 0.15.5

cdev apply
This will tell to use Terraform v0.15.5.

Use CDEV_TF_BINARY variable to indicate which Terraform binary to use.


The variable is recommended to use for debug and template development only.

You can pin it in project.yaml:

    name: dev
    kind: Project
    backend: aws-backend
      organization: cluster-dev
      region: eu-central-1
      state_bucket_name: cluster-dev-gha-tests
      CDEV_TF_BINARY: "terraform_14"