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CLI Commands


  • apply Deploy or update an infrastructure according to project configuration.

  • build Build cache dirs for all units in the current project.

  • destroy Destroy an infrastructure deployed by the current project.

  • cdev Refer to docs for details.

  • help Get help about any command.

  • output Display project outputs.

  • plan Show changes that will be applied in the current project.


  • project Manage projects.

  • project info Show detailed information about the current project, such as the number of units and their types, the number of stacks, etc.

  • project create Generate a new project from generator-template in the current directory. The directory should not contain yaml or yml files.


  • secret Manage secrets.

  • secret ls List secrets in the current project.

  • secret edit [secret_name] Create a new secret or edit the existing one.

  • secret create Generate a new secret in the current directory. The directory must contain the project.


  • state State operations.

  • state unlock Unlock state forcibly.

  • state pull Download the remote state.

  • state update Update the state of the current project to version %v. Make sure that the state of the project is consistent (run cdev apply with the old version before updating).