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Project ΒΆ

Project is a storage for variables related to all stacks. It is a high-level abstraction to store and reconcile different stacks, and pass values across them.

File: project.yaml. Optional. Represents a set of configuration options for the whole project. Contains global project variables that can be used in other configuration objects, such as backend or stack (except of secrets). Note that the project.conf file is not rendered with the template and you cannot use template units in it.

Example of project.yaml:

name: my_project
kind: project
backend: aws-backend
  organization: shalb
  region: eu-central-1
  state_bucket_name: cdev-states
  AWS_PROFILE: cluster-dev  
  • name- project name. Required.

  • kind- object kind. Must be set as project. Required.

  • backend- name of the backend that will be used to store the state of the current project. Optional.

  • variables- a set of data in yaml format that can be referenced in other configuration objects. For the example above, the link to the organization name will look like this: {{ .project.variables.organization }}.

  • exports- list of environment variables that will be exported while working with the project. Optional.