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Stack ΒΆ

Stack is a yaml file that tells which template to use and what variables to apply to this template. Usually, users have multiple stacks that reflect their environments or tenants, and point to the same template with different variables.

File: searching in ./*.yaml. Required at least one. Stack object (kind: stack) contains reference to a stack template, variables to render the template and backend for states.

Example of stack.yaml:

# Define stack itself
name: k3s-infra
template: "./templates/"
kind: stack
backend: aws-backend
  bucket: {{ .project.variables.state_bucket_name }} # Using project variables.
  region: {{ .project.variables.region }}
  organization: {{ .project.variables.organization }}
  instance_type: "t3.medium"
  vpc_id: "vpc-5ecf1234"
  • name- Required. The stack name.

  • kind- Required. Object kind stack.

  • backend- Optional. Name of the backend that will be used to store the states of this stack.

  • variables- data set for the stack template rendering. See variables.

  • template- Required. Either a path to a local directory containing the stack template's configuration files, or a remote Git repository as the stack template source. For more details on stack templates please refer to Stack Template section. A local path must begin with either / for absolute path, ./ or ../ for relative path. For Git source, use this format: <GIT_URL>//<PATH_TO_TEMPLATE_DIR>?ref=<BRANCH_OR_TAG>:

    • <GIT_URL> - required. Standard Git repo url. See details on official Git page.
    • <PATH_TO_TEMPLATE_DIR> - optional, use it if the stack template's configuration is not in repo root.
    • <BRANCH_OR_TAG>- Git branch or tag.
  • disabled- bool, optional. Disable stack execution. By default is set to false. If set to true the stack won't be applied.

Examples ΒΆ

template: /path/to/dir # absolute local path
template: ./template/ # relative local path
template: ../../template/ # relative local path
template: # https Git url
template: # subdirectory
template: # branch
template: # tag
template: # ssh Git url
template: # subdirectory
template: # branch
template: # tag